Therapist Referrals in Pennsylvania

Join our mission to revolutionize therapist referrals in Pennsylvania by teaming up with colleagues and creating a network dedicated to connecting clients with the right clinical expertise. The nuts-and-bolts of all therapist referrals we produce ensure it’s as solidly built as Monaca Borough Hall. Experience seamless referral management with our comprehensive platform, boasting a vast network of members spanning all 50 states, designed to connect therapists and patients across the nation effortlessly.

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Need more therapist referrals in Pennsylvania? Easily find the right clients by joining a network of clinicians in Pennsylvania.

Finding a therapist shouldn’t be hard- but it is. Consult List is changing that. Instead of clients reaching out to therapists who may or may not be able to help, we have therapists offering consultations to clients they know then can assist.

Quality mental health care is becoming harder and harder for clients in Pennsylvania to find. But you know it’s out there — because you’re one of those quality therapists. So how can you find more therapist referrals in Pennsylvania, get good-fit clients who need your services, and help other dedicated therapists along the way?

At Consult List, we believe that all clinicians should have the freedom to build their practice according to their unique vision. Whether you're independent or part of a network, we're here to help you grow your practice on your terms. We commit to protecting your privacy and autonomy, no matter how you choose to practice.

Consult List was made for therapists, by therapists. We help you increase therapist referrals in Pennsylvania while connecting you to a local and national network of therapist members. We’re founded on local ties in all 50 states, bringing clinicians together for a common goal.

Expanding access to the quality mental health care that you know clients deserve takes a grassroots effort. It means we can’t rely on big-tech, data-selling companies who are more interested in profit than in providing excellent care. Instead, radical change happens when well-meaning, high-caliber therapists, like you in Pennsylvania, choose to unite. Joining a community network is the key to getting more qualified therapist referrals in Pennsylvania and helping clients find the quality, good-fit mental health care they need.

The impact you’ve been able to make for clients has largely been a result of word-of-mouth therapy referrals in Pennsylvania. Referrals are the backbone of so many private practices and group practices alike. Now, you can harness the organic power of referrals with Consult List’s protected platform to find even more ideal clients — and refer clients to other professionals when your practice is full.

Join Consult List to be part of a growing network of therapists, and start rapidly increasing your therapist referrals in Pennsylvania today.

Why is Consult List the Right Choice for Increasing Your Therapist Referrals in Pennsylvania?

You’ll Be Connected with a Growing Network of Therapists in Pennsylvania

Consult List’s platform is built for therapist collaboration. A local and national referral management system, Consult List brings together a diverse and growing crew of licensed therapists (will you be one of them?) to get connected with clients who fit their niche in Pennsylvania. You just have to raise your hand on cases that are a fit for you or your practice. And if your waitlist is overflowing, you can utilize Consult List to refer prospects to other leading clinicians.

We Share Your Mission to Improve Access to Quality Mental Health Care

It’s no secret that we’re facing a mental health crisis that spans from Pennsylvania to all 50 states. But it won’t be solved by big technology companies using algorithms or selling data to increase profit at the expense of high-quality care. It will only be solved by a grassroots effort — a community of professionals who understand the nuances of the mental health care industry and who have the credible skills that prospective clients need. As an ethically and clinically motivated community, that’s what Consult List is all about.

Consult List is Committed to Your Protection and Endorsement

In an age where data-selling is the norm and it’s easy to feign credibility, Consult List uses secure hosting, SSL encryption, and licensure pre-screening among a host of other strategies to protect PII. But at the same time, our platform enables you to collect endorsements from supervisors and other colleagues who can attest the quality of your care. Simply put, Consult List is dedicated to you, the therapist, and to the integrity of quality clinical care for every client.

Therapist-owned.  Clinically & ethically motivated.  No data selling.  No ties to big tech.

Anna O'Brien, MA, LPC, ATR-BC CEO and Co-Founder

Our mission is to improve access to quality mental health care while helping therapists find more time to practice self-care and wellness.
There are a growing number of technology-enabled tools aimed at our field, often by companies that may be motivated more by profit than by quality of care.

Consult List is different. It is clinically and ethically motivated, there is never any data selling, or ties to big tech. The idea for Consult List was an organic process that grew out of my own frustration at the inadequacy of the traditional referral system for both therapists and potential clients.

Joining our community of therapists is a safe and private way to improve your practice, bring more balance to your life, and make high quality mental health services available to those who need it for themselves or their loved ones.

We are so glad you are here.